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Delivering Strategic Transformation


ICT Planning and Advisory Services

For more than 20 years REM Consulting has built a sound planning and advisory practice. This includes strategic planning for technology, networks, application architectures and delivery models to enable strategic goals and desired business outcomes.

Business Solutions Implementation Services

REM Consulting has expertise in delivering end-to-end business solutions. This encompasses network, data and application implementations including the integration, testing, maintenance and ongoing management of systems.  

ICT Staff Augmentation

REM Consulting understands the challenges of senior management as they oversee project deliverables and at the same time manage strategic and business-as-usual demands including skilled resources for projects.
Our staff augmentation solution offers an option for our clients to free up energy and time spent on the recruitment of project resources in an oftentimes competitive and unpredictable market. Our dedicated Practice Leads become the single point of contact with our clients to understand their requirements and outcomes; then deliver the project resources as required.

Environment Management Services

We provide a pro-active approach to the management, monitoring, support and maintenance of an organisation’s technology environment. This encompasses software and equipment, desktops, portable or mobile computing facilities, network facilities or existing data centres.  

REM Consulting is an organisation that prides itself on delivering unparalleled results, on time, every time. Acting as a key conduit between business enterprises and professional services client satisfaction is paramount in all our endeavours.


REM Consulting is a professional Information Technology services provider, who can proudly claim to have assisted numerous Commercial and Government clients over the last 20+ years of operation.

The REM team consists of highly skilled technical and business, information technology consultants who have significant experience across Higher Education, Government and Resources.

REM is focused on managing the ongoing relationship with you, based on trust, loyalty and integrity, to deliver quality client outcomes.

Higher Education
  • University of Western Australia
  • Macquarie University
  • Edith Cowan University


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