Business Case Review of $30m Software Development Program

Services Provided:

REM Consulting was appointed to perform a Business Case Review of a $30 million-plus software development program for a government department.

REM performed the review at the request of the Government Committee and produced a Situational Analysis document and cost-benefit Analysis document covering a number of issues, including:

  • Importance of the investment
  • Quantifying the benefits
  • Achievability of the benefits
  • Risk assessment
  • Options assessment
  • Alternative sourcing and funding models
  • Detailed costs analysis

In performing the engagement, a secondary usage of the cost-benefit analysis was realised by the department. The department was better positioned to perform an assessment of the original business case, identifying many items which were not previously found.

This engagement was conducted with very short notice and in a constrained timeframe in order to meet the half yearly budget review process.


REM achieved the required outcome on time and on budget through the presentation of a completed business case review. We also exceeded expectations through the presentation of a white paper that discussed some alternate approaches to success. As a result of the work conducted by REM, the department was able to access an extra $3 million in funding for their program.