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Giving West promotes and supports all kinds of giving and raises awareness of charitable purposes in Western Australia. REM Consulting are a member of a group of Perth business people who promote Giving West and assist them with strategy development. Also providing volunteer MC services at certain events they hold


For a number of years the majority of REM’s charitable giving came in the form of monetary donations but a recent shift in thinking, and a new partnership with WA charity Kalparrin, saw a significant increase in the amount of time REM, and its employees volunteer to assist such an amazing cause.

The relationship began with REM becoming the sponsors of the morning teas Kalparrin hosts throughout the year for the families of children with special needs. These events allow families to come together and spend time socializing and meeting others who benefit from the variety of services that Kalparrin provide.

Since REM’s involvement with Kalparrin, we have assisted in the recruitment of key staff, who have become the building blocks that will help Kalparrin achieve all their goals. Donating time has proven to be a very rewarding experience for REM and its staff, with the overwhelmingly positive results seen and felt immediately.


The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 40,000 members and volunteers, who work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Internationally, the Society operates in 149 countries and has over 950,000 members. Feeding those in need, one of the directors of REM Consulting is on a regular roster to collect unsold bread from outlets in Perth to assist the organization in providing food to low income families, youth groups, and the homeless.


The Smith Family is a children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. REM Consulting assists this great cause by fundraising to support the efforts of the community.


The Australian Computer Society is the professional association for Australia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Through our involvement on the Marketing Sub-Committee we are able to assist in the growth of membership in the younger generation. With 40% of the highest paying roles in Australia in the ICT industry, we see the importance of encouraging young people to pursue the industry for their career. Put simply, the jobs we did when we left school are not the jobs that our children will be doing and it is vital that we ready the next generation for the world they will live and operate in.


REM Consulting champions digital equality. In accordance with Federally Mandated Legislation and The Human Right Commission, all websites are required to be accessible to our disabled and aging community members. Although this is a legal requirement, there has been little awareness of the situation in the wider community. REM Consulting generate awareness and progression in this area by education, presentations, editorials and advertising. Furthermore, REM has been engaged at a Ministerial level to campaign for funding to be released to Government Departments so that the federally mandated laws pertaining to digital equality and web accessibility can be enforced.


The WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance (WAITTA) have been conducting an annual award since 1991.  The purpose of WAITTA is to recognize outstanding performance and contributions by members of the ICT community in Western Australia. Through REM Consultation role on the Marketing Sub-Committee, we are able to ensure that the talented candidates we find in our day to day operations are aware of the INCITE awards and encouraged and assisted in the process of submitting their innovations for judgement.


REM Consulting provides guest lectures and mentoring to final year students as they embark on their career. REM Consulting takes the time to assist the students in reaching their full potential through effective presentation of their skills and attributes, building a CV and cover letter, the importance of a LinkedIn profile and how to improve their professional network and opportunities in the market place.